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History Of Guns - Issue 2 - Electricity Is The Answer flac album

History Of Guns - Issue 2 - Electricity Is The Answer flac album

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Performer: History Of Guns
Title: Issue 2 - Electricity Is The Answer
Released: 2006
Style: Leftfield, EBM, Abstract, Industrial, Experimental
Category: Electronic / Rock
Rating: 4.2 ✦

There are two types of electricity, namely, electricity at rest or in a static condition and electricity in motion, that is, the electric current. Both of them are made up of electric charges, static charges being at rest, while electric current flows and does work. Thus, they differ in their ability to serve mankind as well as in their behaviour. Let us first turn our attention to static electricity.

Electricity" is the 1979 debut single of the English group Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, featured on their eponymous debut album the following year. Inspired by Kraftwerk's "Radioactivity", the song addresses society's wasteful usage of energy sources. Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys sing the lead vocals on the track together in unison.

There are two types of electricity, namely, electricity at rest or in a static condition and electricity in motion, that is, the electric current. Thus they differ in their ability to serve mankind as well as in their behaviour. For a long time it was the only electrical phenomenon to be observed by man. As previously mentioned at least 2,500 years ago, or so, the Greeks knew how to get electricity by rubbing substances.

The History of Electricity is fascinating. Despite what you have learned, Benjamin Franklin did not "invent" electricity. So, what is electricity? The truth is that electricity, like natural resources, has always been around because it naturally exists in the world. Greek philosophers discovered that when amber is rubbed against cloth, lightweight objects will stick to it. This is the basis of static shock. The History of Electricity. We've all heard of famous people like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison, but there have been many other inventors throughout time that play a crucial part in the story of electric power. Imagine a world without electricity.

History of Electricity Use. Thales of Miletus (640-546 . The word electricity comes from elektron the Greek word for amber. Otto von Guericke invented the first static electric generator in 1675, while the first current generator was made by Alosio Galvani in 1780. So the easiest answer to your question is: find a nice DC motor and turn its shaft. There is no fundamental limit to how much current a generator can handle, however, the characteristics of the generator’s wiring, its magnetic fields, and the machinery turning it all tend to limit its current capacity. Resistance is the measure of how much an object impedes the flow of electricity. The higher an object’s resistance, the less current will flow through it when you expose it to a particular voltage drop.

The company used two small Brush generators to power 21 Brush arc light lamps. 1881 The electric streetcar was invented by . 1882 Thomas Edison opened th Pearl Street Power Station in New York City. 1884 Nikola Tesla invented the electric alternator, an electric generator that produces alternating current (AC). Until this time electricity had been generated using direct current (DC) from batteries.

Who discovered electricity? The invention of electricity was a big history and lot of scientists took part in it. So no one can answer the query "who invented electricity" in just one word. Electricity is been one of the major asset for everyday works. Electricity is the energy produced by the nature, but it took lot of years for the humans to appreciate how electricity can be used to get things done. It is defined as the flow of charged particles named electrons via a conductive medium. Even though, everyone in the world are using electricity, no one can answer the query who invented electricity in just one word

History of Electricity - Henry Cavendish and Luigi Galvani. Henry Cavendish of England, Coulomb of France, and Luigi Galvani of Italy made scientific contributions towards finding practical uses for electricity. For outdoor lighting and for large halls arc lights worked well, but arc lights could not be used in small rooms. Besides, they were in series, that is, the current passed through every lamp in turn, and an accident to one threw the whole series out of action. The whole problem of indoor lighting was to be solved by one of America's most famous inventors. Thomas Edison and Telegraphy.

Electricity is the efficient source of some of the most recent technological advances such as the laser and electron beams. Truly6 electricity provides mankind with the energy of the future. 1. That electricity is clean and easily-regulated is its great advantage. 2. The important fact is that electricity offers improved service at reduced cost. 3. That the two scientists Lodygyn and Yablochkov were the first in Russia to work in the field of electrical engineering is well-known. 4. One of the main advantages of electricity is that it does not pollute the environment. 6. What has been and is being done in environment protection cannot be measured by yesterday's standards.

Issue One of History Of Guns free bi-monthly EP series. Originally released in March 2006 and limited to 44 copies, each one hand customised by Max Rael whilst drunk with a selection of different coloured pens.

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1 Electricity
Written-By – Alien*, Rael*
2 The Birds Don't Sing
Written-By – Alien*, Rael*
3 The Concrete Steps
Guitar – Fester*Written-By – Max Rael
4 Keep The Good Stuff Running
Bass [Synthbass] – Gary Hughes Written-By – Hughes*, Max Rael
5 Evolving Doors
Written-By – Alien*, Fester*, Hughes*, Goose , Rael*
6 I Am A Car Crash
Written-By – Max Rael
7 Bernard
Vocals – FiiFiiWritten-By – Max Rael
8 Is This The End?
Written-By – Alien*, Rael*


  • Guitar, Other [Machines], Photography – Max Rael
  • Vocals – Del Alien


"Keep The Good Stuff Running was originally titled Jumping Under Cars and slated for inclusion on the History Of Guns Wake Up! EP. When the EP became merged into 2nd album APOPHENIA, it was left over.
All other tracks created for this release.
No time for individually produced artwork, though each cover is slightly different as the colour ink gradually ran out during printing causing the front covers to get increasingly more purple, and the yellow to fade from the back. The final booklets printed are in black and white."

Download .zip file contains 8 .mp3s, cover art and text document with credits, track information, etc. Available from http://www.lineoutrecords.com/downloads/HistoryOfGuns_2_Electricity/