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Say What - How Could You Do It flac album

Say What - How Could You Do It flac album

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Performer: Say What
Title: How Could You Do It
Released: 1996
Category: Rock
Rating: 4.2 ✦

An album is a concept of the past. It doesn't make much sense anymore today except for very special cases (like concept albums). Albums were an invention of the recording industry. There was once a time when you could only fit around 20 minutes on one side of a record (so 40 minutes per album). To go over that would mean that the artist would have to make it a double album set. So albums with long songs typically didn’t have many songs on them. With the change to digital media, there really aren’t any time constraints, so there really is no standard number of songs on an album, nor is there even a standard run time anymore. So my answer to you would simply be that there isn’t really a number of songs that most albums have. I would say that between 9 and 12 is a pretty.

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